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Loyalty consulting & Management



Loyalty consulting and management concerns every action your business takes to increase customer loyalty. We show you how to create strong relationships between your business and your customer. An individual concept builds the fundament for a successful loyalty program. The decisive success factor for a functioning system is the consideration of the respective situation of the customers and the company. With exclusive advantages and a clearly recognizable additional benefit, you can create good arguments and motivation for the customer. This results in a large customer base of new and existing customers that are loyal to your business. 

The Hanse Executives will guide you safely through all questions and decisions and designs a successful customer loyalty concept that is tailored to you and your customer’s needs. Based on our experience in building and designing customer loyalty programs, we have the competence as well as technical and analytical knowledge with which we support you in every phase of the development and operation of your customer loyalty program. 

With pleasure, we want to support you with our many years of expertise in answering all questions in the areas of customer loyalty, customer development and customer recovery. 

In the consultation, we proceed as follows:  

      • Creation of an individual concept for a customer loyalty program with focus on the achievement of the business goals
      • Contribution of our specialist knowledge to optimize the customer benefit of the program
      • Alignment of the program approach to the generation of additional sales for the company and the brand
      • Clear presentation of the program strategy with detailed, measurable goals and recommended actions
      • Exchange of knowledge and best practices for creating and implementing loyalty programs
      • Creation of a program concept tailored to the characteristics of the target group

 We are pride proud on our experience and proven success consulting with businesses on certain customer loyalty and management areas: 

  • Coalition Loyalty Programs
  • B2B Loyalty Programs
  • B2C Loyalty Programs
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Corporate Wellbeing Loyalty Programs
  • B2E Loyalty Programs
  • Fan Loyalty Programs