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Our well experienced team members know how to handle crucial situation either as Interim CFO or in distressed situations as a Restructuring Officer (CRO) delivering restructuring services to the stakeholders in order to secure the business continuity.

Fast and efficient communication between company management, shareholders and service providers such as banks, lawyers, tax advisors and business advisors plays a crucial role in successfully managing companies in difficult times, restructuring them from a crisis or generating growth again.

The Hanse Executives Team knows how to restructure your company efficiently and successfully in order to reduce financial losses or to enable a new structure that is better tailored to the current requirements of your company. Restructuring refers to the restructuring of a company’s legal, operational, and ownership structure in order to increase profit and benefit the business.

We have experience in ensuring that your company continues to function at a comfortable level throughout the restructuring process, while your company becomes leaner, more efficient, and better aligned to its core objectives.

 Our competencies in this area:

  • Fast and thorough analysis of current situation
  • Prioritising and effective execution of measurement plan
  • Creation of integrated business plans
  • Controlling and implementation of restructuring concepts
  • Advice and creation on Financing and on M&A processes